Member Notification from IFA Member Services

The COVID-19 virus is naturally creating a lot of uncertainty at the moment. We would like to reassure our members that no level of disruption expected to any of our services at this time. This includes IFA Telecom, mobile with Vodafone and Power with Bord Gáis.

Risk assessments have been carried out across the entire telecommunications network to identify any potential issues. The telecommunications and broadband network is currently operating far below the available capacity.

Vodafone, our mobile partner, has also added additional capacity to the mobile and broadband networks to ensure the network can handle the additional demand at this time.

In terms of the electricity supply, the national grid operator EirGrid remains focused on delivering a safe, secure, reliable supply of electricity. Their contingency plans are focused on mitigating the impact of COVID-19 on electricity services for everyone in Ireland. Bord Gáis Energy, as our electricity supplier are fully committed to supporting us during this time. Like many businesses, its capacity to deliver to same standard has been effected, but they are doing everything they can to maintain the best possible service.

If you have any concerns, please call our Member Services team on 1890 924 851.

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