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Irish Farmers’ Association

The Irish Farmers’ Association was founded as the NFA on the 6th January, 1955, and celebrated its 60th Anniversary in 2015. The country’s largest representative organisation for farmers and primary food producers is based on grassroots organisation and a strong democratic tradition of representation.

IFA has been the farmer’s voice for six decades in every single important decision impacting upon Ireland’s largest indigenous industry. At local, national and EU level, IFA’s active and dedicated voluntary officer structure works with a professional staff to improve farm incomes and address issues across the entire spectrum of food production, constantly adapting to a rapidly changing economic and political environment.

In an organisation which represents the main sectors as well as a range of diverse sectors from soft fruits to shellfish, forestry to hill farming, issues and challenges are addressed head on by voluntary officers, committees, the Executive Council and staff on a daily basis as well as individual member issues through IFA’s dedicated helplines and regional office network.

IFA was to the forefront in defending farmers’ interests through its exposure of Brazilian beef imports and also in challenging the growing power of the retail multiples across all commodities. Keeping live markets open for our cattle industry to maintain competition and profitability in the sector has also been a consistent and unwavering demand of the organisation over many years.

IFA Member Services

As well as strong representation, IFA offers an exclusive range of member benefits and services. IFA Member Services is the division of IFA that negotiates with some of Ireland’s top brands to deliver genuine savings for our Members with the primary aim of reducing Farm business and home costs.

By availing of IFA Member Services offers, you are directly supporting IFA’s lobbying efforts at home and in Europe. All offers are exclusive to IFA Members and are not available through any other membership in Ireland.

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